The inspiration of our beginning is rooted in childhood memories and extends to our neighbourhood, family, staff, landscape and partners. The most important connection we nurture is the source of the food itself. The ecosystem of the restaurant is inherently linked to the ecosystem of the land around it and to those that tend it. It is a connection with Canada.




Actinolite's intention is straightforward; our focus is Canadian food. We explore the four distinct seasons of our landscape in search for ingredients that are at their peak of freshness. We forage for ingredients native to our land and honour their intrinsic flavours. We invest in the knowledge of our ancestors and preserve our harvest so we are able to share our pantry with our guests throughout the year.



Making food for others and working towards our idea of a Canadian cuisine comes with responsibilities. Honouring the ingredients we use and the suppliers who make them by limiting our waste is part of who we are. By working with other businesses in our community we're managing our impact on the environment and having a positive effect on our partnerships. 



The dining experience at Actinolite is a journey. We take our guest by the hand and walk them through a meal that is a combination of highs and lows, expected and unexpected, familiar and unfamiliar. When you turn yourself over to the journey, the sum is so much more than its parts. It is beautifully choreographed to be memorable and to make you want to come back and be taken by the hand once more.



As we've grown as a restaurant it's become clear that one of the most important things that we can do to develop our cuisine is to cultivate meaningful relationships with the farmers, brewers, and entrepreneurs that supply us. Becoming part of a local, sustainable, food network that highlights the bounty of this region has given us amazing insights into both our craft and our place in this community