Every single aspect of Actinolite as a company and as a dining experience is genuine. From the pureingredients to the handmade pottery and reclaimed wood bar. Every input is pure and true and seems to fulfill its natural purpose. There is something very calming and natural about it that gives harmony to the space and to the meals. Combinations are not meant to cause dissonance but rather to feel universally “right”.



The dining experience at Actinolite is a journey. We take the diner by the hand and walk them through the meal that is a combination of highs and lows, expected and unexpected, familiar and unfamiliar. When you turn yourself over to the journey, the sum is so much more than the parts. It is beautifully choreographed to be memorable and to make you want to come back and be taken by the hand once more.


Our intention behind Actinolite is straightforward, our focus is Canadian food. We explore the four distinct seasons of our landscape and search for ingredients that are at their peak of freshness. Need to write another sentence here about preserving or ancestral practices.


The energy of connection is apparent on a number of levels. To memories, to childhood, to the neighbourhood and community, to family, staff and partners. One of the most important connections is to the source of the food itself. The ecosystem of the restaurant is inherently connected to the ecosystem of the land around it and those that tend it. It is a connection with Canada.



It can be difficult to put your finger on the spirit that infuses the Actinolite. To us, it is one of generosity. The incredible courage and commitment of to sourcing to developing new dishes every day. The ongoing mentorship of staff in the discovery of the culture of food. And lest we forget the inspiration and care that goes into delivering the gastronomical journey to guests. It is a generous spirit that makes for such a warm and inviting experience of such rare talent